What is an end-of-life Doula? A person with experience and training in death who provides emotional, spiritual, logistical, and informational support to people facing death. Doulas offer a range of non-medical services that complement hospice at home, or at nursing facilities, and hospitals. Doulas work with people who are dying as well as their loved ones.  The training, experience, and approach will vary with practitioner/program.  My training: here

I  provide supportive consultation and information, regardless of financial situation.
In-person sessions available for Western Massachusetts and New York City metro area.

Free Initial Phone Consultation 30 minutes.
I will answer your questions and share information and resources for all stages of this process from advance directives to disposition and bereavement.

Advance Care Planning and Resource Consultations
I offer phone and in-person sessions to assist client in making decisions that best reflect their own values and resources.

  • advance directives
  • information about disposition (including green burial, cremation and organ/tissue donations)
  • tools for communicating additional wishes to friends and family

Life Review and Legacy Work
I work with clients to review, share, and preserve their stories through creative projects that can be made with and/or for their loved ones.
Options include :

  • designing celebration- of-life events
  • formal oral history interviews
  • digital archives for the web
  • memory book

End-Of-Life Considerations Coaching Package:
I provide practical and emotional support to

  • people facing terminal illness
  • people supporting/caring for loved ones who are dying
  • assistance in preparing for the inevitable and accepting what is unknown

I work with clients to

  • address their concerns and fears
  • to communicate their wishes to friends and family
  • to identify and coordinate additional support
  • to create flexible sustainable plans for evolving needs and situations

Bedside Vigil and Respite Support
During the final stages of the dying experience I provide non-medical support in coordination with hospice/medical care in your area.

  • compassionate presence
  • coordination
  • on-call consultation
  • holding space for loved ones 

Home Funeral Guidance
I provide information and tools to enable loved ones to take the time they need with their recently deceased. This after-death care may include guidance in preparing the body, filing legal paperwork, and creating a space to gather and say good-bye. I provide information to ensure safe and legal procedures according to state law and local resources. As a member of the National Home Funeral Alliance I follow their directives: The goal is to facilitate maximum involvement of loved ones and their social network. The emphasis is on minimal, non-invasive, and environmentally friendly care of the body.